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Why is Cold Water Training part of the LYM

Cold Water Training is one of the five components of the Living Yoga Method. Why? Because whatever you want to do with your life, doing cold water training will optimise it - you name it: physical health, mental clarity, energy levels, emotional mood, and even a decent night’s sleep, a col d shower a day will enhance your experience. Your body is amazing and if you are willing to ask more of it, then it will show you what it really can do.  None of us are entitled to vigorous health and vitality, we each have to do our bit to earn it, (cue The Living Yoga Method). The cold shower you take each day is a massive investment in this direction and here we set out a few of the incredible and proven benefits: 1. Immunity When you turn the shower to cold, your body will go to work to keep you warm by raising your metabolic rate. The result of this has been scientifically proven to massively increase the production of white blood cells, responsible for giving you a robust immune system and musc