2nd Lesson on the Shiva Sutras

      Sutra 1:  Chaitanyamatma

‘We can realise our true nature to the extent that we raise our energy.’

The thoughts we have about the world and ourselves are nowhere near as personal as we might like to think.

Thought is actually universally rooted. We become subject to certain qualities of thought according the level of consciousness we are currently functioning at.

If our energy is low we become subject to all kinds of thoughts that we would simply not have or at least be less affected by if our energy was higher.

The fears, anxieties, worries, judgments and insecurities we feel when our energy is low will either not happen or at least have less effect on us when we are vibrating on a higher frequency of energy.

So you see, the level of energy we are vibrating at will attract to us certain kinds of thought.

Even more importantly, when we are functioning on a high level of energy not only are we less at the mercy of low flying thought waves but we are also more open and receptive to high flying inspired thought waves, that endow us with higher knowledge and greater levels of understanding.

Further still, as we raise our energy and gain access to higher realisations, those realisations themselves will release still further energy into our systems, enabling us to reach higher again, and so in this way we experience a perpetual state of growth and evolution.

Chaitanyamatma – Raise your energy and realise that pure, all embracing, boundless and causelessly blissful reality that you are, have always been and will always be.

In this noble endeavour to raise our energy, everything starts to matter. All our everyday activities become an important part of our overall spiritual process;

What we eat and drink matters, what we think matters, what we read matters, what we watch matters, the company we keep matters, the time we go to bed and the time we get up matters and above all our yoga sadhana matters. Our whole life becomes part of the greater process of raising our level of energy and consciousness so that we can live a truly great life.

~ Prem.


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