Contemplations from the 11th lesson on the Shiva Sutras

Sutra 10:    Svapadam Shaktihi

We already have everything we need, inbuilt within ourselves, to deal with whatever our lives might bring.

Everything we are seeking is already here. We are not lacking anything and there is nothing missing from us. We are abundantly endowed with everything we need to fulfill our lives. We need only look to our Self.

If you are in any doubt of this, play the following little game……

When someone dear to you appears after a long absence and you experience a surge of joy, where are you experiencing that joy? - in the other person or within yourself?

When someone speaks some inspiring words and you feel a surge of new strength to face a challenging situation in your life, where do you experience that new strength?

When someone shares some wisdom with you, and a light bulb goes on for you, in whom does that light bulb turn on, in the other or in you?

When you feel love where do you feel it? Can you locate the source, the actual physical location from which love emerges?

Yes, we are all pointing to the same place!

So, in all these situations the outer object was simply a trigger for the inner experience, but the experience itself emerged from within YOU!

It’s natural to thank and appreciate the triggers and the catalysts, in fact our lives are full of them as if part of a great design, but these will only be useful to us in the long term to the degree that we can recognise the place within ourselves that has been triggered.

The experience you are having, good or bad, is never IN an object outside of you, it is always within you.

So, Shiva says, ‘all the power lies within you!’. Everything you need is already contained within you. Your life is created from within your Self.

If you can find the source of love and bliss within yourself, the place from which it rises when triggered, would it then not be wise to rest at the source and drink from the well, Direct!  Why sit around waiting like a beggar for something outside to trigger what is already inside.

Svapadam Shaktihi – You will find your power by resting in your Self!


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