If you want to worship something, worship the life within you… (Katha Upanishad week 12)

~ by Adele.

For the past 12 weeks we have been on a soul-nurturing journey…exploring the great secrets of moving into the eternal and unconquerable Self within us all. Into that unshakable, unbreakable Self…which can truly never be touched by the hands of Death. After gradually being handed firm teachings by Yama, the Lord of Death, the teachings of the Katha Upanishad draw to a gentle close.

“Upanishad”, meaning “to come and sit close to”, was originally used to refer to the typical delivering of wisdom when a student would come and sit near to his teacher. But we get a feeling now with the wisdom…for the Upanishad within us. For our own internal teacher. For the teaching lies in fact within our own hearts, and even though sometimes prompted by an external – the wisdom comes from an internal knowing deep within ourselves. This means that whenever you’ve nodded your head at a Universal truth, heard something, felt something, read something that aligned with your own heart – it has always only been a reflection of the truth and purity in you. We must only quiet ourselves a little, and choose to sit close to this one inside.

“Know thyself to be pure and immortal”, ring out the last words of Yama. “Know thyself to be pure and immortal”. This means there’s no need to ‘discover’ this or to ‘become’ this, but only to know. Right now and right here, the fearless fullness of our true self – pure and eternal. No matter how many layers it may be underneath or how blurred it may seem, it is there and it is real. In fact, it is the most real thing possible, and the deepest truth.

How do we come close to this one, how do we come to live in this purity? This answers the whole question of the Katha Upanishads.

As we learn from Yama, we move into this by choosing to make our highest ideal our most important pursuit. We turn our devotion into ourselves, and worship our own life within us, making our energy the most precious gift.

This requirement, is the requirement to love ourselves enough. To love ourselves enough to serve the most authentic version of ourselves and to notice when we are choosing not to live in our truth. To love ourselves enough to say “no” to wrong thing and “yes” to the right, and to feel into what will nourish our soul and our energy in that moment. Nobody else’s. We can devote ourselves to ourselves, and in turn devote ourselves to the universe, as our own energy is always, divine universal energy.

We can ask ourselves, what is needed nowWhat will honour my Prana today? And looking after this one in turn looks after the whole. Honouring your own Prana is honouring the universal Prana, and the most spiritual endeavour we can be on. Of course, we won’t get it right all of the time, and this is totally fine and good! It is all there to serve us, and to call us into our highest good. No matter what mistakes we make, there will always be an internal guru calling us home, calling us into the truth that we are.

Please lovingly notice that you are so very allowed to listen to this one. Please look underneath the “shoulds” and “musts” and choose to peer into this voice within your heart. Everything you choose which causes this one within you pain, everything you choose which causes this one within you to feel compromised, please effort at letting go. Please endeavour at choosing differently if it does not align with your highest self. It is your gentle truth speaking to you, and the place from which all else grows. Tend lovingly and honestly to this one and know how important it is for you to listen to and love. It is here, resting in your pure, true self that you can begin to weave your truth into all the places in your life.

By staying close to this one within you, you will effort less, you will make more truthful choices, you will spend less time compromising what unfolding is intended for you and your life. By choosing to honour and love yourself first, the rest will follow suit. And all that does not, will fall away. By choosing to rest back into your own energy, the energy will take care of you. We can only ever take care and do right by this energy, and do right by ourselves. We cannot go out and save the world on a little puddle of energy, and therefore we must make ourselves the most important factor in our lives. This is not a selfish pursuit, but a great act of love for the divine.
So the Katha Upanishads ends with a loving message of choice. Choosing daily, choosing moment by moment….to keep opening, to keep listening, to keep choosing to work at being our highest self. And finally, to keep choosing to move closer into that true self within us that is never disturbed and can never die.

You can trust now, that you have deep and unwavering wisdom within you that knows exactly what is best for you and that is behind you totally. You can know now, that from your awareness comes a choice, and a loving and deep responsibility to keep choosingthe path that leads you to your highest good.
You can trust now, to love yourself so much that all you are living aligns with and reflects that love. This you deserve.
Go now, start expressing, exploring and choosing the love and truth that sits quietly within you.
Go now,
and rest into your authentic Self,
Your pure Self,
Your effortless Self.
And be true.

Om, love and Namaste
Adéle x 

Thank you to Steve for the beautiful, gentle, heartwarming delivery of the teachings. And as always for his light, wisdom and wonderful sense of humour.


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