In our weekly Living Wisdom Sessions at the Yoga Sanctuary we are currently exploring the all-powerful Shiva Sutras. Each week Prem will post here on the Blog some inspirations from our explorations...

1st Lesson of the Shiva Sutras:   

Thought is not a problem, but the way we think can be. The way we think greatly determines the direction and quality of our lives. It matters how we think!

A sutra is a thread. If we attach that thread to a rocket then the thread goes up but if we attach it to a rock it goes down.  Same with our thinking!

Any thought we actively participate in thinking has the potential to take us up or down, elevate or crush us, liberate or bind us, nourish or poison us, open our heart or turn them to stone.

The question is: what sutra am I carrying in my mind and how does that sutra make me feel?

It’s not a case of driving out negative thoughts from our minds, no, this could be a full-time and fruitless occupation. It is enough to simply and patiently give favour to the sutras of thought that nourish our mind. It is no different to giving healthy food to the body.

The Shiva sutras are threads of thought that move us towards our innate goodness (Shiva). They are sutras that have a positive effect on our chemistry, making our eyes shine, skin brighten, hearts open and our minds expand.

A Shiva sutra is a way of thinking that gives us the power to see beneath the surface of events to the inherent underlying goodness in everything that is happening. To look deeply enough into our lives and the lives of others to see that every event and experience that has ever happened and will ever happen, even the most traumatic, has and will ultimately give rise to a greater good. A Shiva sutra creates a shift in our way of thinking, allowing us to see the good in the bad, the positive hiding within the negative and the potential for growth within the struggle. This is way beyond 'positive thinking' this is 'liberating thinking'.

So, our work in this 1st lesson of the Shiva Sutras is to:

     1.  Naturally notice in our daily lives what sutra we are carrying in our minds and the effect it is having on us and if necessary make a change,

     2.  At the end of our daily meditation, or at any other time, remind ourselves of the following sutra; Each of us are unique manifestations of one divine energy called life and at the core of us there is nothing but goodness, beauty and light (Shiva).

Next week we will move on to the first of the classical Shiva Sutras.

~ Prem


  1. This is very exciting! I look forward to following this wisdom in the coming weeks. :-)

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