Contemplations from the 5th Lesson on the Shiva Sutras

Sutra 4: Jnanadristham matrika

'Find the root of the matrix and become the source of your own creation'.

If we are serious about consciously creating our own lives, in accordance with our highest aspirations, we will need to position ourselves at the root of the creative process itself. In this sutra Shiva urges us to make a profound but simple switch in our focus. He says, ‘Don’t focus on what is coming at you, focus on what is coming from you’, because the frequency that we are emitting right now, will in time, become our future.

You see, we tend to think that what we are experiencing outside of ourselves in this moment is something called the present, but this is not so. What we are experiencing outside of ourselves right now is what we ourselves have generated from the past. So what we call the present is not really the present at all, it’s actually the past. The spiritual injunction we have all heard so many times to, ‘Be with what is’, is actually asking us to live in the past. If we truly want to function in the present, we will need to bring our attention to the energy and frequency we are currently emitting in this very moment from our own beings

Our work in this sutra is to ask “What am I emitting now? What level of consciousness am I operating from?”, because this will be the world I experience for myself in the future. Remember Yogis, what you are experiencing right now is the mirror of what you yourself emitted previously.

The truth is, that much of the life we are now experiencing, we have created for ourselves unconsciously in the past. This is why our life often feels accidental, haphazard and out of our control.  This sutra asks us to break out of this self-generated matrix by switching our focus, again and again, to the frequency of energy we are emitting in this moment. Only in this way, can we generate for ourselves a new, fully conscious, deliberate and precise life according to our own highest aspirations and desires.

‘Ye are Gods’, and as such, have been given the power not only to accept but also to create.

What are you creating right now?


  1. I initially struggled with this one but then felt that actually it made so much sense - how we behave, how we present ourselves now will set up our future. I believe people react to you depending on how your interact with them. By being positive, kind and honest you will receive that back from people. If you are negative or unkind, people will avoid you. Bit of a basic thought but by being conscious of what I am emitting I am changing what I am emitting for the better because I always want to be the best most positive version of myself and I would like to see that reflected back on me in the future - Suze


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