Contemplations from the 8th lesson on the Shiva Sutras

The story so far; 
Sutra 1 – Optimise your energy (with sadhana, clean living and right thinking)
Sutra 2 – Always maintain a beginner's mind.
Sutra 3 – Remember that your body is a temple; treasure it.
Sutra 4 – Focus on the frequency you are emitting.
Sutra 5 – Give yourself fully to everything you do and be satisfied.
Sutra 6 –Make the switch from thinking to feeling.

And now...

Sutra 7: Vismayo Yogabhumihi

‘The basis of union is wonder’

Shiva says "Live in wonder of all that is. Practice yoga and meditation and revive the child within yourself everyday so that you can see this world with fresh eyes. Look out at life from your heart rather than your brain. Be curious. Live in respectful awe of the great power that is creating everything you see. Stop pretending it’s all normal and mundane and acknowledge its magnificence. Don’t say ‘So what!’, say ‘Wow!’, and be humbled into quiet, joyful appreciation of the wonder that everything is. Be interested, exclude nothing and have an experience rather than an opinion. Smile when you see something unusual, don’t judge it.  I am here behind every experience you can ever have, if only you are willing to embrace it. Go into sadness and here I am. Go into love and here I am. Go into your own body and here I am. Re-awaken this wonder for life and you will feel one with everything. Everything will be your friend, everything will be your joy and everything will belong to you. The way to union is through wonder!".

Our whole existence is extraordinary, how have we managed to make it seem so ordinary?


  1. Wow! "Have an experience rather than an opinion!" Love it!

  2. I’ve am blessed that I can always open my eyes, and in an instant feel the simple joy and gratitude of existence – and yet – I go to the bathroom, I distract myself with my phone, I eat, I put the television on, I meditate, I try to plan the day. It’s almost like I’m trying to avoid feeling the pain, sadness and anger that still sit inside. So – the challenge is to approach these feelings with the same awe and gratitude that simple existence inspires. I’ll try !


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