Contemplations from the 9th lesson on the Shiva Sutras

Sutra 8:  Icchashaktir Uma Kumari.

‘Align your will with the will of life’

Icchashaktir’ is the power of our will, the energy of our intention and the force of our desire.
Uma Kumari’ is the energy of life, the power of the universe and the flow of existence.

Shiva says that if we can bring these two together in our lives then a whole new dimension of possibility will become available to us. An opportunity to consciously manifest and ecstatically co-create with the will of the divine, Uma Kumari.

You see, it could turn out that the greatest power we have as human beings is to let go! Of course, for this possibility to arise in us we have to first of all come to terms with that most difficult of truths; that the only aspect of life we are really in control of is our response to it.

So what is the fundamental desire of life that we are to align and harmonise with? What is that aspect of nature that we observe to be always consistent and unchanging?

Yes you got it, CHANGE! The one constant is change. The will of life is perpetual transformation. Life wants to evolve and we are a part of this. If we truly wish to live in joyfulness, life demands that we repeatedly exercise our capacity to transcend our own experience and move on. Because all the pain in our lives is borne from our self-created unwillingness to accept and embrace the inevitable change that life desires at its core.

This is the challenge that life presents to each and every one of us. We are called to match the desire of life itself, to become passionate for change and our own transformation. The desire for growth is at the heart of all life and so if we are to make the most of this life we must surely cultivate a deep and all consuming ‘Wish to Grow’! This wish, energised through the practice of yoga and meditation, will gradually have the power to consume all our petty desires to hold onto the very things we must inevitably leave behind.

Our work this week is to become conscious of the three stages of aligning our will with the will of Life:  1). Resistance, 2). Acceptance, 3). Embrace.


  1. And Life is moving at a phenomenal rate...seemingly the more I "wake up" the more passionate Life becomes, calling me to flow with whatever there is. <3


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